On December 2021, the National exhibition/contest of the mechanization technology of sugarcane mechanization was held. In the competition, 10 harvesters from different brand harvested all the sugarcane fields in half an hour.

Chenhan Tech 4GQ-1C Wheel/Crawler Type Sugarcane Harvester
Chenhan Tech Sugarcane Harvester and Loader in Guangxi, Dec,2021

In the operation of intelligent combine harvester held in the same field, the sugarcane harvester, planter, loading and transfer vehicle and other equipment of Chenhan technology have attracted much attention.

Chenhan Sugarcane Harvester-1
Chenhan Tech Sugarcane Harvester.Adopting the integral frame beam that makes the machine’s center of gravity low, to provide high driving stability and strong adaptability to the slope of the plot( maximum of 15°sideways slope)
Chenhan Tech 4GQ-1C Whell/Crawler Type Sugarcane Harvester
2CZ-4 Sugarcane Planting Machine
Sugarcane Planting Machine

The participants observed and experienced the trial operation and driving experience of the intelligent combine sugarcane harvester. The excellent performance of the sugarcane harvesting machinery and equipment from Chenhan technology amazed the large sugarcane growers who observed and observed at the scene.

Chenhan 4GQ-1B Sugarcane Harvester