The 4GQ-180 sugarcane harvester can be operated as a stand-alone machine, which can meet the high-efficiency machine harvesting operation of small and medium-sized plots with a slope of less than 15 degrees, and the storage-type high-position unloading technology solves the transfer of small and medium-sized plots Pain points. 2. A complete set of solutions for the mechanization of sugarcane production to solve the current pain points in the mechanization of sugarcane production "cultivation, planting, pipe, harvesting, transportation, and pressing". The CHP CHF Spiral Stone Filtering Machine removes the stones from the cane field; Adjustable sugarcane planting machine can complete fertilization, deep planting, film mulching and drip irrigation belt laying at one time; 3ZP-4 sugarcane field tillage soil machine, effectively solve the stubborn crater disease that appears in the traditional soil soiling process. The 7YGZ-1 and 7YGZ-1A self-propelled sugarcane field collection and transport machines realize the efficient transport of machine-harvested sugarcane in the field; the 5GCZ-200 machine-harvested sugarcane pretreatment and impurity removal equipment can effectively remove impurities in the sugarcane section.