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Chenhan Products

  • Sugarcane Harvester

    4GQ-1E Sugarcane Harvester

    Chenhan Tech’s latest series, 4GQ-1E 190HP Sugarcane Combine Harvester offers power, comfort, and efficiency.

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  • 4GQ-1B Sugarcane Harvester

    4GQ-1B Sugarcane Combine Harvester

    Adopting the integral frame beam that makes the machine’s center of gravity low, to provide high driving stability and strong adaptability to the slope of the plot( maximum of 15°sideways slope)

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  • Chenhan Tech 4GQ-1C Wheel/Crawler Type Sugarcane Harvester

    4GQ-1C Sugarcane Harvester

    Chenhan Tech’s latest series, 4GQ-1C 260HP Wheel/Crawler Type Sugarcane Combine Harvester offers power, comfort and efficiency.

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  • Chenhan Tech 4QZ-18 forgage harvester

    4QZ-18 Forage Harvester

    Chenhan Tech 4QZ-18 forage harvester, with its simple structure, reliable performance, complete functions, large feed capacity, and strong adaptability, is suitable for harvesting crops of all heights, including those with straw lodging.

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  • 2CZ-4 Sugarcane Planting Machine

    Multifunctional machine including many functions such as digging, planting, fertilizing, watering and covering with films on one single machine. It has working efficiency of 0.16 hectare per hour, which is more than 3 times comparing with human labor.

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  • GZZ-30 Sugarcane Loader

    GZZ-30 Sugarcane Loader

    GZZ-30 Sugarcane Field Transfer Loader: GZZ-30 is a transfer loader specially developed by Chenhan Technology for sugarcane harvesting. It has large carrying capacity, strong maneuverability, low grounding pressure, and will not crush the ratoons. It is suitable for field transfer and loading of sugarcane and is an important equipment for sugarcane harvesting.

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  • chenhan tech 7ygs sugarcane dump trailer

    7YGS 6T/8T Sugarcane Self Tipping Trailer

    7YGS-20 Dump Sugarcane Transport Trailer is a sugarcane transporter specially developed by Chenhan Technology. It has its own hydraulic station, strong carrying capacity, high reliability, and automatic cane unloading. Easy to operate, it is a special trailer for sugarcane transportation.

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  • CHF Hydraulic Loading Deck

    CHF series hydraulic sugarcane unloading turnover table: 1. The device has fast rising speed, stable lifting, suitable for all kinds of van truck bulk material unloading, greatly improving the unloading efficiency, and can be widely used in sugar, grain and oil, feed, cement and building materials And other industries. It can also be designed and manufactured according to customer requirements;

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  • CHF Spiral Rock Rake Machine

    According to market demand, Chenhan Technology has developed CHF2100 and CHF4200 Spiral Stone Filtering Machine based on digesting and absorbing foreign advanced technology.

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