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CH6340 Sugarcane Harvester

Chenhan Tech’s latest series, 4GQ-1C 260HP Wheel/Crawler Type Sugarcane Combine Harvester offers power, comfort and efficiency.

Product advantages and features

Chenhan 4GQ-1C 260HP Wheel/Crawler TypeSugarcane Harvester

The new generation of products has a flexible steel track chassis. Two-stroke plunger pump. 260 horsepower high pressure common rail engine. The hydraulic components of the whole machine are fully upgraded and the performance is more superior. 4GQ-1C Sugarcane Harvester

Model Description

Model 4GQ-1E 4GQ-1C(260) 4GQ-1C(325)
Overall dimensions (mm) 10600*2545*4930 11470*2845*5230 12000*2845*5630
Weight (kg) 8500 11660 11760
Working lines 1
Work line spacing (m) ≥1.1 ≥1.3
Rated feed (kg/s) ≥6 ≥10 ≥13
Productivity (t/h) ≥28 ≥35 ≥45
Cylinder volume (L) 6.7 8.9
Number of Cylinders 6
Power (hp/kW) 190/140 260/191 325/239
Rated speed (r/min) 2200 2100
Type Hydrostatic
Operation Electronic control
Travel speed (km/h) 20 25
Fuel tank (L) 213 320
Hydraulic oil tank (L) 220 400
Front 10.5/65-16 12.5/80-15.3
Rear 16.9-28 18.4-26
Drive Hydraulic and reversible
Number of Discs 2
Number of Blades 10
Distance between center of discs (mm) 535 615


CH6340 Sugarcane Harvester

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