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4GQ-1C Sugarcane Harvester

Chenhan Tech’s latest series, 4GQ-1C 260HP Wheel/Crawler Type Sugarcane Combine Harvester offers power, comfort and efficiency.

Product advantages and features

Chenhan 4GQ-1C 260HP Wheel/Crawler TypeSugarcane Harvester

The new generation of products has a flexible steel track chassis. Two-stroke plunger pump. 260 horsepower high pressure common rail engine. The hydraulic components of the whole machine are fully upgraded and the performance is more superior. 4GQ-1C Sugarcane Harvester

Model Description

Model 4GQ-1C
Structure type Segmented
Working dimensions 10470*2580*5230
Weight 11660kg
Working lines 1
Work line spacing ≥1.2
Rated feed 6kg/s
productivity ≥45t/h
Model Cummins or Weichai
Cylinder volume (L) 6.7
Number of Cylinders 6
Power (hp/kW) 260/191
Fuel consumption 1.3L/ton
Rated speed 2200
Aspiration Turbo/air to air cooling
Type Hydrostatic
Operation Electronic control
Travel speed (Km/h) 25km/h
Fuel tank (L) 320
Hydraulic oil tank (L) 400
Front 12.5/80-15.3
Rear 18.4-26
Wheel track(front/rear) 1960/1850
Height variation (mm) 850-4465
Cutter diameter 580mm
Standard top cutter Standard
Crop Dividers
Spiral angle (degrees) 53°
Distance between the Tips (m) 1420
Lower Section Hardened
Height adjustment Hydraulic
Primary purifier (reverse vortex fan diameter,mm) 1145
Blade number 4, Speed  adjusted
Rotating speed 700-1500rpm
Secondary Cleaner Fan Diameter(mm) 1000
Blade number 3,Speed  not adjusted
Hood Hydraulic swing
Width(mm) 750(inner side)
Slewing angle 170゜
Drive Hydraulic and Reversible
Number of discs 2个,Detachable
Number of knives 10,replaceable
Cutter diameter 595mm
Distance between center of discs (mm) 615
Feed rollers
Drive Hydraulic and Reversible
Number of Feed Rollers 11
Roller width (mm) 780
Segment cutter
Drive Hydraulic and Reversible
Number of cut-off rollers 2
Number of cut-off roller blades 6
Cut-off roller diameter(mm) 335
Air condition and heater Standard
Seat Spring damping
Screen SPD-070-AH
Min ground clearance 250
Wheelbase 2560
Total loss rate 6%
Maximum driving slope 20°

4GQ-1C Sugarcane Harvester

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